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2019 Classified School Employee of the Year: Custer Rodriguez

Custer Image
On Thursday, March 28, 2019, the District announced that Custer Rodriguez has been named the 2019 Classified School Employee of the Year. Custer has been with the Dublin Unified for over 16 years and serves as a Network & Technology Coordinator for the district. He is responsible for the DUSD network, working quietly behind the scenes to make sure every student and staff member has a safe, secure and speedy network experience. If you reflect for a moment on the simple statement “Custer is responsible for the DUSD network,” you begin to understand the enormous responsibility he carries. Every student, every staff member, and, every community member that steps onto a Dublin campus has the unconscious expectation of an internet connection. Custer brilliantly manages these expectations daily.  
Thank you, Custer, for everything you do for DUSD!