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Dr. Marken Offers to Come Out of Retirement to Serve as Superintendent for Next Two Years

June 19, 2019

The following statement was read by Board President Amy Miller at the opening of this evening's Facilities Workshop:

The Board wishes to disclose a matter that has arisen and that the Board discussed in closed session tonight.  Our Interim Superintendent, Dave Marken, has offered to come out of retirement to continue serving our district as Superintendent for the next two years.  This would provide the District with stability while allowing the District to engage in an extended, inclusive search for the District’s next long term Superintendent. 

In closed session, the Board unanimously agreed that Dr. Marken will be appointed as Superintendent conditional on the negotiation of contract terms.  The motion was made by Dan Cherrier and seconded by Megan Rouse.  This option would allow us to resume the search process in 2020 with the goal of identifying and securing our next long-term leader by approximately the spring of 2021. This would also give us support as we move into the next school year, provides a healthy window of opportunity for a comprehensive search, and ensures that a full board – five elected and seated trustees – will hire the next leader.

Dr. Marken’s hiring as Superintendent will be conditional on negotiation of a mutually agreeable contract and discussion and public input at the next Board meeting, on June 25.  Any action taken on the Superintendent contract will be in open session.

In the interest of keeping our community fully informed, we are directing staff to inform the school community and the groups with whom we have met regarding the Superintendent search about this development, as the Board wants to have as much feedback as possible before any action is taken on this important decision.

In the meantime, we are appreciative to Dr. Marken for the opportunity he is offering us, and optimistic about this new development.