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Notice of Preparation: Draft Environmental Impact Report

Download the full Notice of Preparation (3.4MB)


Date: September 30, 2019

To: State Clearinghouse
Governor’s Office of Planning and Research
Alameda County Clerk
Responsible and Trustee Agencies
Interested Individuals and Organizations

From: Chris Stevens
Chief Facilities Operations Officer
Dublin Unified School District
7471 Larkdale Avenue
Dublin, CA 94568

The Dublin Unified School District (District) will be the Lead Agency and will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Promenade High School Project (proposed project). The District is requesting written comments from responsible Trustee agencies regarding the scope and content of the environmental document. The public is also invited to submit written comments regarding the scope of the EIR and issues that should be addressed as the document is prepared.

A Scoping Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 10th at 6:00 p.m. at Fallon Middle School, located at 3601 Kohnen Way in the City of Dublin.

Additionally, the District is accepting written responses within the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)-mandated 30-day comment period that begins on October 1, 2019 and ends no later than 5:00 p.m. on October 30, 2019. Public agencies should indicate a contact person in their response to this Notice of Preparation.

Responses should be directed to: Chris Stevens, Chief Facilities Operations Officer, Dublin Unified School District, 7471 Larkdale Avenue, Dublin, CA 94568;

Project Location: The proposed school site is a 23.46-acre vacant property located at the southeast corner of Central Parkway and Chancery Lane in the City of Dublin, Alameda County, California (Assessor’s Parcel Numbers [APNs] 985-78-2, -3, -4, -5, -6 and -7). The site also includes the areas that make up 0.71 acres of the total 23.46 acres and are identified as part of South Grafton Street and East Finnian Way on Assessor’s Map 985 in between APNs 985-78-5, -6. And -7. The City of Dublin is surrounded by San Ramon and unincorporated Contra Costa County to the north, unincorporated Alameda County to the east and west, and Pleasanton and Livermore to the south and southeast, respectively. Figure 1, Project Site Location, and Figure 2, Project Site Plan, show the proposed project site in its surrounding and local contexts. Pursuant to the City of Dublin General Plan, the project site is designated Public/Semi-Public and Parks/Public Recreation on the west side and Neighborhood Commercial on the central and eastern portion. According to the official zoning map for the City of Dublin, the site is zoned Planned Development (PD). The project site is surrounded primarily by Medium/High-Density Residential and High-Density Residential land uses.

Project Background Information: The need for the proposed project is based on population growth and increased residential and commercial development in the City of Dublin, which has caused the District’s school facilities to approach capacity. The District currently educates over 12,592 transitional-kindergarten/kindergarten through 12th grade students in its 12 schools; approximately 3,291 of these are at the high school level. Dublin High School, the only comprehensive high school that the District operates, has current capacity for 2,481 students. Thus, as of fall of 2018, Dublin High School’s student enrollment exceeds capacity of the existing facility. The District, through a Draft Facilities Master Plan prepared in 2016, identified the need for construction of new schools and the modernization and improvement of existing schools, including the construction of a new comprehensive high school.

According to the 2019 School Facilities Needs Analysis prepared on behalf of the District, the District will experience an increase in student enrollment of approximately 554 students from new development that is planned within the District, including 98 at the high school level, over the next five years. A demographics study prepared by Davis Demographics on behalf of the District projects that the District will experience an increase of approximately 1,298 students overall at the high school level from fall of 2018 to the fall of 2025. Thus, according to the Davis Demographics study, Dublin High School will have a deficit of capacity of well over 1,000 students by 2025, and construction of new facilities must occur to relieve this current and projected deficiency.

Project Description: The proposed project consists of the development, construction, operation, and maintenance of a District high school and related educational purposes, including all uses necessary, incidental, or convenient thereto. The new high school is planned to ultimately accommodate approximately 2,500 students and will be built in two phases (Phase I and Phase II).

Phase I will accommodate 1,308 students, and will consist of the construction of a 22,330 square foot (sf) administration building, a 13,200 sf student union, a 6,500 sf kitchen, a 20,900 sf library, a 31,000 sf gymnasium, a 17,500 sf locker room, a 70,500 sf academy, 17,059 sf of Visual and Performing Arts Guidance (VAPA) classrooms, an all-weather track with drainage, a synthetic field with drainage, four overhead field lights, eight tennis courts, and a 134 stall parking garage.

Phase II will accommodate the remaining 1,237 students, and will consist of a second 70,500 sf academy, a 26,490 sf theatre, an orchestra pit, 5,060 sf of VAPA classrooms, a 7,815 sf basement, 4,500 sf of concessions, an aquatic complex, a 400 sf pressbox, and 4,000 sf of bleachers.

Construction of the proposed project would occur on a total of approximately 24 acres.

Potential Environmental Effects: The EIR will evaluate the project for potential impacts on the environment and determine the potential environmental consequences of future change. The proposed project could potentially affect the following environmental factors, each of which will be addressed in the EIR: Aesthetics; Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Biological Resources; Cultural Resources; Geology and Soils; Hazards and Hazardous Materials; Hydrology and Water Quality; Land Use and Planning; Noise; Population and Housing; Public Services; Transportation and Circulation; Tribal Cultural Resources; Energy; Recreation; Utilities and Service Systems; and Wildfire.

Environmental Effects Not Likely to Require Further Analysis: The proposed project is not anticipated to result in significant environmental effects in the following areas: Agricultural Resources; or Mineral Resources, and these topics are not anticipated to be analyzed in the EIR.

Additional material is available in the full Notice of Preparation.

Download the full Notice of Preparation (3.4MB)