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Preparing Frederiksen and Murray Schools For the Next 50 Years

October 31, 2019

Frederiksen and Murray Elementary schools, opened in the mid-sixties, have provided over fifty years of valued service to their neighborhoods and to the Dublin community as a whole. After half a century in operation, and many fixes over the years, these sites need to be replaced with modern facilities to provide the quality learning environment our students and staff deserve and that has become the norm in other areas of our community.

The cost of upgrading these sites to meet current demands and building codes, and expected growth, is not feasible. Rather than update the existing buildings, DUSD staff recommended, and the Board approved, plans to create modern facilities at the current sites and then remove the older buildings. This work will be done in a phased approach.

Once completed, the Frederiksen and Murray communities, students, and staff will have world-class, modern schools on par with any new elementary school in the Tri-Valley.

Overview of Frederiksen Elementary School

New construction at Frederiksen will be completed in a phased approach with the target of introducing the first phase of these improvements at the start of the 2020-21 school year.

Phase One 

  • Estimated Groundbreaking: Q1 2020
  • Estimated Completion: Classrooms - August 2020, MPR - December 2020
  • Features: Site development to support Phase Two in the near future and construction of 32 new classrooms and a new multi-purpose room (MPR). 

Phase Two

  • Estimated Groundbreaking: To be determined
  • Estimated Completion: July 2021
  • Features: Administration Building, Library/Learning Center, Fine Art room, a STEM room, and two SDC (Special Education) classrooms. Phase Two will be constructed where existing Admin and Classrooms are located. 

Overview of Murray Elementary School

New construction at Murray will be completed in a phased approach with the target of introducing the first phase of these improvements at the start of the 2020-21 school year.

Phase One 

  • Estimated Groundbreaking: June 2020
  • Estimated Completion: January 2021
    • Twelve Classrooms are scheduled for occupation by August 2020
  • Features: Five Classroom Buildings with 32 New Classrooms, Teacher Collaboration Space, Staff and Student Restrooms, Custodial Closet, and an Auxiliary Room for Speech Therapy, Counseling and other tasks. This also includes relocation of the after-school program building and expanding the current parking lot. 

Phase Two 

  • Estimated Groundbreaking: January 2021
  • Estimated Completion: June 2022
  • Contractor: To be determined 
  • Features: Administration Building, Multipurpose Room (MPR), Kitchen, Science Building, Library, and an Amphitheater/Quad for dining and outside-curriculum.

Phase Three 

  • Estimated Groundbreaking: Spring 2022
  • Estimated Completion: To be determined 
  • Contractor: To be determined 
  • Details: Demolition of the existing buildings and the construction of playground areas where the existing buildings are currently located. The project is scheduled to be submitted to the Division of the State Architects for approval in October 2019. Once approved, the project will be put out for bid between February and April of 2020.

Demographic Projections

Demographic projections indicate that by 2025, Frederiksen Elementary will have approximately 900 students and Murray Elementary will have approximately 910. Once complete, the new campuses will be able to easily accommodate the projected number of students while still having flexible spaces for art, music, science, and technology, creating an ideal environment for students and staff.

Funding Information

Work at Frederiksen is expected to cost approximately $50 million, with work at Murray anticipated to cost $55 million. Both projects are funded by Measure H which stated that, “our older schools, some of which are 45 to 50 years old, require repairs and modernizations to meet current safety codes and provide modern classrooms."

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Dave Marken, Ed. D.
Dublin Unified School District