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DUSD Board Unanimously Approves Support for Dublin Elementary and March Bond Measure

Note: The original version of this post included an error regarding the funding source for work to be done at Dublin Elementary. That information has been corrected in this version. 

December 3, 2019

Dear Dublin Unified School District Community,

In an organization that has grown as rapidly as ours, it’s difficult to agree on what challenges are most critical, what funding sources are most appropriate, and how and when funds should be allocated. With nearly 200 percent growth in student population over the last decade, our current Board, and all iterations of the Board that have come before it, has faced challenges few could imagine. Difficult decisions have been made, and not without healthy dialog and considerable disagreement. 

Last night, our Board came together for a special meeting with an agenda that could impact the District for years to come. The focus of the meeting was a proposed bond measure for the March 2020 ballot and an associated facilities implementation plan addressing funding sources for numerous projects. 

As the November 12, 2019 board meeting proved, agreeing on how to address some of the short and long-term needs of our District can be daunting. To their credit, our board members spent the evening removing obstacles in an effort to find solutions. They discussed, disagreed, listened, compromised, and came to a unanimous agreement that will meet the needs of all Dubliners. 

The key decisions of last night’s meeting include the unanimous agreement to allocate $33 million to modernize Dublin Elementary. This includes $9.2 million from Measure C and $23.8 million from the Prop 51 State Matching Funds. Just prior to the board meeting, the District received confirmation of the release of those funds from the State of California. The use of State Matching Funds is a change from the previous plan, presented on November 12, which called for $23.8 million from Measure H to be used to support the Dublin Elementary project. 

The Board also unanimously approved a new $290 million bond measure that will be placed on the March 2020 ballot. Priority elements of the bond include completion of phase two of the new comprehensive high school, the development of a middle school at Dublin Crossing to meet the growing needs for our middle school students, work at Dougherty Elementary School to address facilities needs, technology upgrades, districtwide safety improvements, and funding for improvements at Cottonwood Creek, including money for a gym, should the school remain a K-8.

Renovations to Nielsen Elementary School, which was a top-tier priority in the previous plan presented in November, has been moved to a second-tier priority and will be part of ongoing discussions with the Board regarding how best to meet elementary school capacity needs in the future. 

The full scope of the Bond will be presented to the community soon. 

I want to extend my most sincere appreciation to our board members for their willingness to work through their differences and find common ground. They have all taken on a largely thankless position in an effort to improve and support our community, the district, its students, and staff. For that, I am grateful, and I hope that all in our community share that gratitude.


Dave Marken, Ed. D. 
Dublin Unified School District