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Public Notice: Comment Period and Hearing For Preliminary Environment Assessment Report

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The Dublin Unified School District (the District) has prepared a Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) Report in accordance with Education Code section 17213.1, subdivision (a)(4)(B). The District has submitted the PEA Report to the California Environmental Protection Agency Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) for review and has chosen to make the PEA Report available for public review and comment pursuant to Education Code section 17213.1, subdivision (a)(6)[(A)] (Option A).

Project Designation: New 2nd Comprehensive High School, Dublin Boulevard and Chancery Lane, Dublin, California 94568

Project Location: The Site consists of six vacant parcels located in Dublin, Alameda County, California. The property is approximately 24-acres and is identified with Assessor’s Parcel Numbers: 985-78-2, 985-78-3, 985-78-4, 985-78-5, 985-78-6, and 985-78-7. The District is interested in acquiring the property for future development as a new high school. The District is in the process of acquiring the property for future development as a new high school.

Description of Assessment: The PEA Report was prepared by Terraphase Engineering, Inc. for submittal to the DTSC. This PEA Report was prepared under the oversight of the DTSC in general accordance with the guidelines of the DTSC, as detailed in the PEA Guidance Manual. A review of historical information for the Site and previous environmental sampling identified the potential presence of environmental concerns. In order to evaluate these potential concerns in soil, Terraphase completed Phase I and Phase II due diligence investigations at the Site on behalf of the District in 2018 and 2019. Between several investigations previously conducted at the Site from 2008 to 2016 and Terraphase’s Phase II investigation performed in 2018, a total of 118 soil samples were collected at the Site and submitted for analysis at a California-certified analytical laboratory. The soil sample analytical results were screened using DTSC screening levels provided in DTSC’s Office of Human and Ecological Risk (HERO) Note 3 for residential soil and the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Regional Screening Levels for residential soil. Based on the results of the PEA investigation, chemicals of potential concern have not been detected in soil at the Site at levels exceeding conservative generic risk-based screening values for residential land use and no further studies are required for the site.

The PEA and supporting documents are available for review at the following link:

A hard copy of the PEA and supporting documents may also be viewed by appointment only at the Dublin Unified School District’s office located at 7471 Larkdale Avenue, Dublin, California 94568. Please call Chris Stevens at 925-557-0109 to set up an appointment.

Public Comment Period: A public comment period for the PEA Report begins on May 18, 2020 through June 17, 2020. Written comments on the PEA Report will be accepted May 18, 2020 through June 17, 2020. Written comments should be submitted to with “New High School PEA Report” in the title.

Public Hearing:
A public hearing to discuss the PEA Report will be held during the School Board meeting on May 27, 2020. The School Board meeting will be livestreamed at DublinUSD.TV and at Comments on the PEA Report during the public hearing must be submitted to