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Deleted Tweet from July 21 Board Meeting

During the July 21, 2020 board meeting, Trustee Miller gave a statement regarding accusations made against her by members of the community and we reported, “Trustee Miller has read a statement clarifying the false impression held by some in the community that she intentionally shared confidential information with the press.” Normally, we do not Tweet about reports given by individual board members during the Board Reports section of meetings, but given the unusual and serious nature of the statement, a post was made. It is the Communications Departments’ goal to share what is happening during these meetings in real-time, and on occasion, the desire to post quickly becomes problematic. After reviewing the Tweet, we felt the inclusion of a single word made it sound opinionated, and potentially something that would contribute to an already divisive topic in the community. Within approximately an hour of posting, and with no public or internal comment expressing concern, the decision was made to delete the post.