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Let DUSD Make Breakfast & Lunch For Your Students

The DUSD Child Nutrition Services Department can make your life a bit easier by preparing breakfast and lunch for your students. GIVE IT A TRY! We continue to offer free meals on a daily basis to all students. Beginning Friday, November 6, 2020, we will also resume offering weekend meals for students at no charge. These weekend meals include three breakfasts and three lunches on Fridays for each student in their household. Order meals through Canvas. For more information on the process, visit If your student is no longer signed up for the Meal Order class in Canvas, simply have them click the link for their school on this page, then click the "Enroll in this course" button. After enrolling, your student will receive a daily To Do option to complete their meal order.  Meal ordering opens at 5:00 pm the day prior, and can be submitted up to 9:00 am on the day of the meal. Students simply click the link in their To Do list, select whether or not they want a meal that day, and the time that they will pick up the meal at school. High School students will be able to select from a menu of choices. Click Submit Quiz to finalize your order. 

Have questions? Contact our Nutritional Services team