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Online Tutoring During Distance Learning @ DHS

Online Tutoring During Distance Learning @ DHS

While DHS is doing online learning, all DHS students have access to the HUB Tutors through Google Chats. Students can follow these steps to access tutoring.


  1. Go to Google Chats (go to your gmail, click on the apps menu in the upper right hand corner, and choose Chat).


  1. Put your cursor in the "Find people, rooms, bots" search bar. When you do, menu options will appear below the search bar. One of those options is Browse.


  1. Click on the Browse option. You will see that you have been invited to three DHS Tutoring Chat rooms: DHS Tutoring Math/Science, DHS Tutoring World Language, and DHS Tutoring English/History.


We are actively monitoring these rooms from 9-5 every day, but we also get a message when a student posts a question outside these hours, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We can answer your questions via text chat, or we can initiate a video chat

session from within the chat rooms to answer your question face-to-face. We are here to help!