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Boundary Committee Member Process Completed

Several weeks ago, the Dublin Unified School District sent out a communications to the community seeking members for the Boundary Committee. 


The committee's tasks are to provide recommendations to the Governing Board in the following:

1. Establishment of elementary boundaries for Cottonwood Creek School, scheduled to open in the Fall of 2018.
2. Establishment of middle school boundaries to Cottonwood Creek School, scheduled to open in the Fall of 2018.
3. Review of and potential adjustment of the established boundaries for Dublin Elementary, Frederiksen, and Murray.
4. Review and of potential adjustment of the established boundaries for Fallon and Wells Middle Schools."
"Composition of the committee will be through the lens of diversity: perspective, residency, demographics, and representation from all school sites. Selected members must commit to attendance of meetings and process, have a problem-solving lens, and have the ability to communicate."
Applications were submitted, members were selected early and the first meeting scheduled for July 26, 2017.
We wanted to make sure our community was clear on the process for selecting members for this important committee:
A team of site and district leaders participated in the selection process. The selection criteria included:

  • Demographic diversity of committee members reflecting our district as a whole

  • Each school site represented

  • Involvement in school site events/leadership

  • Balance of perspectives (based on questionnaire completed by each individual who submitted their interest)

We have two Board Trustees who will serve on the committee and they oversaw the process, but did not weigh in on the selections. We are grateful that we had so much interest, many more applicants than we had available space, yet we recognized the importance in ensuring the team is manageable and representative.

In August, at a date to be determined, we will be providing the Board of Trustees and the public an update with the timeline, members on the committee, and scheduled meetings.