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We would like to Welcome back Lynette Hasan-Marshall

Ms. Lynn is the Transition Specialist for: Dublin Adult School, Livermore Adult School, Pleasanton Adult School, and Tri-Valley Regional Occupational Program.   
What Does A Transition Specialist Do?  
Transition Specialist will work with adult students to suggest scholastic goals and career opportunities to work toward. The Specialist guide students to community and educational resources.  Transition Specialist work with students to help them transfer from adult school to community college, to an apprenticeship program, or to work. 
Some Transition Services Ms. Lynn Provides are:
  • Provides comprehensive support for students transitioning to college by helping them complete financial aid and college applications
  • Organize and host career workshops, presentations, speakers, and college tours on career options
  • Provide counseling and advisement on career development and pathways for AS students; create a plan/goals; and follow-up advisement once transition to community college occurs
  • Help students enroll in the WIB One Stop Career Centers' services
  • Ensure that Adult Education students know college is an option, that college is doable