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From The Health Office


As we come into cold/flue season, your child will enjoy school and be better able to learn if he/she is well. It is important to protect the health of students from risk posed by infectious diseases that are transmitted within the school setting. Some serious health conditions can cause danger to the safety and health of students. If your child becomes seriously ill, runs a fever or you are concerned please contact your doctor. Students will not be penalized for missing tests due to illness and are allowed to make up any work they miss due to illness.

Your child may be excluded from school in accordance with California Education Code section 48210-48214 and section 49451. "whenever there is a reason to believe that the child is suffering a recognized contagious or infectious disease, he/she shall be sent home and shall not be permitted to return until the school authorities are satisfied that any contagious disease does not exist."

Please keep your child from school if he/she has any of the following:

  • A runny nose when the mucus is thick and green or yellow and accompanied by a fever.
  • Severe congestion that interferes with breathing or if wheezing.
  • A rash of unknown origin or contagious rash requires a certificate from physician stating that student may return to school.
  • A fever over 100 degrees, the student will be sent home and should not return until he/she is free of fever for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Diarrhea - Frequent, loose or watery stool. If child acts ill, has a fever, abdominal pain or is vomiting, consult physician and keep home.
  • Vomiting - may return to school if no vomiting in last 24 hours 
  • Severe headache
  • If your child complains he/she is not feeling well (other than mild complaints) or has other obvious signs or symptoms of illness it is not appropriate for the student to be at school.
  • Conjunctivitis - red, irritated or burning eyes with watery or thick mucous drainage.

It is our goal to follow safe health practices at school in compliance with the California Education Codes to ensure optimal health for all students and staff.

Please read this attachment that provides key facts about influenza (flu)..... click here