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Fall Check-In August 6th and 8th

Fall Check-In Times and Information for John Green Elementary



Fall Check In is on Tuesday, August 6th from 9 AM to 12:30 PM and Thursday, August 8th from 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM
for ALL STUDENTS - Kindergarten through 5th grades.
Everyone needs to attend Fall Check In 
Everyone must submit a Student Emergency Health Form at Fall Check In & it must include an original Parent Signature. Download the form here.
In addition, the Summary Page that you filled out on the Parent Portal must be submitted as well.  Please print this out after you hit submit on the Parent Portal.
 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What if I cannot make it to Fall Check In?
A: We hope that by notifying everyone so far in advance that most families can attend. The Parent Faculty Club, Spiritwear station, Childcare, Child Nutrition Clerk, After School Enrichment Programs and volunteers will not be available on other days. If you can not attend, you may come to the school office on the Thursday or Friday of that week to turn in your paperwork and to receive your classroom assignment. You may send a representative who may turn in your paperwork. 
Q: If I complete the online Parent Portal Update, do I still need to attend Fall Check In?
A: Yes, there are additional steps to complete at Fall Check In. 
Q: If I have a new Kindergarten Student, do I need to attend Fall Check In?
A: Yes, all families that are attending Amador Elementary in the Fall need to attend Fall Check In. 

Q: If my child has medication that I want at school, can I bring it to Fall Check In?

A: Yes, as long as you have the completed District paperwork, you can bring the medication and the paperwork to Fall Check In and our Health Services Assistant will check the medication and forms in for use in this school year. Forms can be found at

 Q: Can I come before Fall Check In to turn in my paperwork?
A: No, we are helping new students register and helping parents with their parent portal accounts. 
Q: Can I come into the office in the days after Fall Check In to turn in my paperwork and find out my child's teacher?
A: Yes, however please know that our staff is participating in staff development and meetings these days and the office may be closed for part of the day on these days.  
Q: When do I find out who my student’s teacher is and how?
A: Once a parent/guardian has attended Fall Check In and turned in all required paperwork, class assignments will be given out.
Q: Will I get to meet my child's teacher at Fall Check In?
A: No, the teachers are busy setting up their classrooms and participating in personal development training. They are not required to begin at school until the first day of school. Many of them may volunteer their time to help us work at a station for Fall Check In, but will not be available to meet and greet their classroom families.  
Q: Can I tour the campus on Fall Check In Day?
A: No, our staff will be busy with the Fall Check In event and will not be available for tours on this date.
Q: Will there be additional tour times after Fall Check In Day?
A: No, after the 10th, our staff needs to focus on getting prepared for the opening of school.

Q: What if I have additional questions, such as calendar questions?

A: Our John Green Website will be updated regularly, please visit it at The John Green Office will reopen on July 25.