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Forgotten Items!

1st - 5th Grades: If your student forgets their lunch, you can place it on the lunch carts located in our administration foyer. Lunches for 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders must be delivered to the cart by 11:10am. Lunches for 4th and 5th graders must be delivered by 12:10pm. 

If your student forgets their homework, water bottle, projects, clothing, etc or you need to drop off these items for your child, the items need to be left on the “I FORGOT TABLE” located directly to the right after entering our administration building. Encourage your child to always check the "I FORGOT TABLE" during recess if they forgot something at home in case you brought it to school for them. You are welcome to email your child's teacher to let them know if you placed something on the table 

Kindergarten ONLY:  Forgotten items for our Kindergarten Students may be delivered to the office. These items will be taken to the kindergarten playground at 10:00am as our kindergarten students are not allowed to leave the kinder area without adult supervision. Any item dropped off for a kinder student must be in the office by 10:00am.

If you need to drop off a lunch at EDCC and the gate is locked, please call them directly to meet you at the gate. EDCC 925.828-2666