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How to order lunch through Canvas

Student Lunches need to be ordered. You can order the evening before or the morning of before 9:00 AM. 
Orders need to be placed online in your student's canvas account. You can find the meal order icon on your's student's canvas dashboard. 
If the icon is not on your student's dashboard and you would like to add the meal option onto your student's canvas dashboard, please do the following:
Please send an EMAIL to  in Nutrition Services with the following:
Student's Email
Student ID
School Site
The Meal order option will then be added back into your Courses Dashboard for you to order for the next day.
At Kolb, meal pickup is at the front of the school by the multipurpose room. 
If you need assistance, please contact: 
Sherri Ornelas at Kolb Elementary, 925-551-4000 x6821.