Department Contacts

District Phone Number:  925.828.2551
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
Dr. Matthew Campbell
Ext 8050
Director of Elementary Education
Curtis Haar
Ext 8027
Director of Secondary Education
Sheri Sweeney
Ext 8140
Director of Student Services
Tess Johnson
Ext 8035
Assistant Director, Adult & Career Education
Bill Branca
Ext 7972
Coordinator of Assessment & Accountability
Gerald McMullin
Ext 8016
Coordinator of EL/Intervention
Shobha Tejwani
Support Staff
Educational Services Secretary
Andrea Moreira, Staff Secretary II
Ext 8022

Kim Vanner, Secretary III, Assessments
Ext 8084
Christine Contreras, District Secretary IV - Elementary
Ext 8096
Mary Armanuse, District Secretary IV - Secondary
x 8127
Department Fax #: 925.803.1669