C-3 News May 3, 2019

Posted by Carley Kennedy on 5/3/2019

Dear C-3 families,

Happy Friday!  We are in our last month of the school year - so hard to believe!  While the year is definitely winding down, our work in C-3 is not.  We are very busy!  
Career Project - In your child's folder today, you will find the packet for their Career Report.  They need to complete the notes at home (Due by Wednesday, May 8th).  We will be doing the technology part of the project in the classroom using Google Slides.  Each student will present their project during one of the presentation days (See the packet)
Tea Party - Our Tea Party will be on Friday, May 17th from 11:00-12:00. Please see the information our Room Moms are sending out for sign-ups.  The ladies and gentlemen of C-3 are practicing their etiquette and an original poem to recite during this fun event.
SBAC (CAASPP) Testing - Our testing schedule is:
Monday, May 13th - ELA Test
Wednesday, May 15th - ELA Performance Task Test
Thursday, May 16th - Math Test
Friday, May 17th - Math Performance Task Test
Next week, your child will have test prep work for homework.  Please set aside some time each night (if possible) to review these together with your child
Testing Treats!  One FUN things we do in C-3 during testing is we enjoy the treat of gum or mints while we are taking the test.  Studies have shown that chewing gum (and/or the scent of mint) can help awaken the mind and support focus.  Whether this works or is just a placebo, we like to do it in C-3!  If you would like to send in gum or mints to share with the class, please send some in anytime prior to testing.  We will start collecting next week.  Thank you!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Carley Kennedy
Third Grade Teacher
Green Elementary School
"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."