C-3 News 8-23-19

Posted by Carley Kennedy on 8/23/2019

Dear C-3 Families,

Happy Friday!  I wanted to let you know about a few things that we are currently learning in class.  
Writing: Students are learning how to write a narrative with a compelling beginning, supporting details, and a solid conclusion.
Reading: We are in the process of learning and practicing the routines and skills needed to participate in a successful Reader's Workshop.  Students have been practicing: active listening, following directions, quick and quiet transitions, writing a thorough response to our reading, and author's purpose (to entertain, inform, or persuade).
Our read aloud is The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Small reading groups and spelling/vocabulary will begin the week of Sept. 3rd.  Students will take their spelling and vocabulary words home each Monday.  They can also be found on our spelling city site.
Math:  We are learning about Number sense, number lines, and rounding.  Our topic 1 test will be on Thursday.  Your child should know the following:
 *standard form, expanded form, word form
 *How to find the halfway number on a number line
 *How to round to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand
At the bottom of this email, I am attaching instructions for how your child can log into our math Pearson Realize site from home.  They can access their text book, practice pages, and online practice games from this site.
Technology: Your child has glued their Google Username and password into the their Minder Binder.  They can access all of our class sites by logging into their school Google account and going to our Clever link.  If they log in this way, their logins and passwords for most of our class sites (such as IXL Math) should automatically generate.  The only exceptions are Pearson Realize (our math text) which I am including the attachment for and Spelling City (which I included the link for above).  They are also not able to take AR quizzes from home.
Cultural Museum: Next Friday is our Cultural Museum!  Please see the info handed out in your BTSN folder.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful weekend!
Carley Kennedy
Third Grade Teacher
Green Elementary School
"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."