C-3 News 9-3-19

Posted by Carley Kennedy on 8/30/2019

Dear C-3 families,

Happy 3-day weekend!  I hope everyone has an enjoyable time with friends and family. :)
Some information for next week:
Next week is an exciting week because we are starting our first unit in our reading program.  This means that your child will now have spelling and vocabulary words to study each week (Tests are always on Fridays),  mini books to work on during small group reading time with Mrs. Kennedy, a weekly grammar focus, and their own reading book that they will annotate and study both independently and as a whole group.   Our first unit is Government.
Reading/Social Studies: Government for the People. Essential Question: Why do people participate in government?
Vocabulary: ballot, campaign, candidates, polls, amendment, Supreme Court
Spelling: plans, problems, examples, imagine, printed, helpful, conflicts, upset
Grammar: Concrete and abstract nouns
Writing: Personal Narrative
Service Learning/Acts of Kindness: Charlie's Cooler.  C-3 students are managing our Charlie's Cooler to greet volunteers and workers in the front office.  We are collecting any individually packaged treats/snacks as well as drinks to supply our cooler.  Thank you for any donations you can send in to support this project. 
Please check your child's Friday Folder, look through their work (which is yours to keep), sign their folder and return on Tuesday.  Thank you!
Have a happy weekend!
Carley Kennedy
Third Grade Teacher
Green Elementary School
"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."