C-3 News 9-20-19

Posted by Carley Kennedy on 9/20/2019

Dear C-3 Families,
Happy weekend! I'm excited to share with you about some of the fun things that have been happening in C-3:
Activist Project:  Each student has been working in a peer group to research and plan a presentation about either MLK Jr, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, or Alice Paul.  In their groups they are collaborating together to answer research questions, design an informational poster, and create a Google Slide show to present to the class.  Today, we shared our presentations and learned from each group.  It was SUCH an impressive display by these third graders.  We have incredible minds doing great work here in C-3! I am so proud of them every single day. Please check out our Google Classroom site so you can view these slideshows.  I am going to post them there later this evening.  I am also including some pictures and short videos on our Class Dojo site.  I will upload these once I leave campus. 
This week we also started our first day of math games.  The students really enjoyed this "play" while learning.  A big thank you to Jeanne, Yale's mom, for helping to run a game center. 
The students have learned about the following while creating a government poster: Congress, The House of Representatives, The Senate, The Three Branches of Government: The Legislative Branch, The Judicial Branch and the Executive Branch, and the three levels of government: local, state, and national.  We have had some really interesting discussions about how government works and why it is important to be a responsible and involved citizen.
Curriculum Focus for next week:
Reading - Characters Shape Stories
Spelling: (Long e) even, freedom, honey, hungry, leave, pieces, queens, screamed
Vocabulary: ballads, bellows, forge, threshing, noble, anonymous
Grammar: Adjectives, adverbs
Writing: Personal Narratives, writing dialogue, and using quotation marks correctly.
Math: More with subtraction strategies, subtracting across zeros, multiple ways to subtract, and critical thinking
Science: Plant adaptations
Please see the Gator Gallop envelope and info in your child's backpack.  This is our major fundraiser for the school this year.  Our Gator Gallop will be on Friday, October 18th.  The third graders will run from 1:15-1:45.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Carley Kennedy
Third Grade Teacher
Green Elementary School
"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."