C-3 News 11-1-19

Posted by Carley Kennedy on 11/1/2019

Dear C-3 families,

Happy Friday!  What an eventful week!  Thank you to Mack, our Room Parent Team, and all of our wonderful families who helped put on a really fun Halloween party for the kids.  The room looked so festive and the kids had a great time. :)
Today is the last day of our first trimester.  I cannot believe how quickly it flew by. The students in C-3 have been working really hard for the past few months and they are now demonstrating what they have learned by completing trimester 1 assessments.  I will share these assessments with you when we meet for our conference.  You will also receive your child's report card at that time.  Please see my email from earlier this week if you need a reminder of your conference time.  I also have our schedule hanging on our classroom window. I really look forward to these conferences.  They are such a valuable opportunity for us to collaborate and share information that will move us forward to the next stage of your child's continued success and achievements for the third grade year.  
Curriculum for next week:
Spelling: (closed syllables) better, black, blended, munching, predators, quickly, sticky, suddenly
Vocabulary: blubber, projections, structural adaptations, frigid, exterior, excess
Math: Multiplication facts, problem solving, and multiple-step problems.  Our Topic 6 Test will be on Friday, Nov. 8th.
Science: Students are completing their Animal Adaptation Google Slideshows.  Students have the option to present to the class or just to me.  All students have been responsible for researching their animal and taking notes on the animal's: characteristics, ecosystem, diet, life cycle, interactions with their environment, and adaptations.  They are then taking this information and creating a poster and slideshow. We have been learning so many fascinating facts about our fellow creatures on Earth.
Our Class's Donor's Choose Project link is below..  We are hoping to get this funded asap so we can start using these great supplies in class soon.  Do you know a company who is looking to support a local school?  Please share if you feel comfortable doing so.  Thank you!
Thank you!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Carley Kennedy
Third Grade Teacher
Green Elementary School
"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."