C-3 News Week of 1-27-20

Posted by Carley Kennedy on 1/24/2020

Dear C-3 families,

Happy Friday and Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate!  I hope everyone has a joyous and celebratory weekend. 
Curriculum for next week:
Math:  Fractions continues next week - Our Topic 10 test will be on Tuesday, Feb 4th
Reading: Making Decisions
Essential Question - What helps us solve problems?
Vocabulary: crackle, piteously, vigorous, anticipation, commence, conferred, eldest, sauntered
Spelling: (irregular plurals) geese, lives, sheep, themselves, grass, people, teeth, wolves 
Grammar: Punctuating Dialogue
                  Possessives (plural and singular)
Social Studies: Ohlone Day is Tuesday, January 28th from 8:30-12:00!
Science: Fossils
Special Project - Biography Report (Informational Writing)
Valentine's Day Party - Our C-3 Party will be on Tuesday, Feb 11th.  I am attaching a class list of names for your child to use while they write their valentines.
Next week is the Great Kindness Challenge!  As one of our activities, we will be making cards for the local senior center. ❤
Read Aloud Day Schedule (Wednesday, Feb 5th)
11:40-12:00 ______________
Upcoming Schedule Reminders:
Thursday, Feb 13th is a minimum day 
Friday, Feb. 14th is a no school day
Monday, Feb 17th is a no school day