District Committee's Overview

The Dublin Unified School District currently holds regulars meetings for the following committee's related to district bond sales, parcel tax measures, and surplus property.  Interested parties should visit the committee's respective websites frequently for updates.  Click on the links to the left for additional information.
Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee:
In November 2004 the voters of Dublin approved a General Obligation Bond Measure designed to modernize our schools.  Measure C, a $184 million measure has been funding construction projects since 2005.  It will continue to fund projects until the last series of bonds has been sold, and the monies used for construction sometime after 2011.  All schools in the district are benefiting from Measure C funding.  School construction projects are among the most complex in the state.  Each project can take up to two years to complete, depending on scope and detail of the work to be performed.  For example, the Dublin High School renovation has a number of project phases and each is considered its own project.

Parcel Tax Oversight Committee:
In November 2008, the citizens of Dublin approved Measure L, a local parcel tax that will provide approximately $1 Million annually for five years to supplement the general fund of the district.  This measure is to support high academic achievement in math, science, reading, writing, and technology; attract and retain highly qualified teachers; maintain small class sizes; and provide ongoing teacher training.  The cost of Measure L is $8 per month, $96 per year.  Measure L requires the District to form an independent Citizens Oversight Committee whose responsibility will be to monitor the spending of Measure L funds and report their findings to the community.  In addition, annual independent audits are mandatory.  The oversight committee will be the "Parcel Tax Oversight Committee" (also known as PTOC).  The PTOC has been established by Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Dublin Unified School District.

Surplus Property (7-11) Advisory Committee:
The Dublin Unified School District is currently seeking volunteers to serve on a Surplus Property (7-11) Advisory Committee, which is being formed (as of March 2013) to determine the best use of the district's surplus property, specifically the former Nielsen Elementary School site and the district office property.